Pulse Diagnosis
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master the art of traditional pulse diagnosis

The pulse is one of the most accurate clinical diagnostic indicators available to a practitioner who knows how to correctly read and interpret pulse images. It can reveal underlying disease causes, identify symptoms and even tell the emotional state of the patient. It can be used to assess both physical and energetic disturbances and can also warn of conditions and illnesses that may occur in advance.

Mastery of pulse examination is vitally important for making a correct diagnosis in most traditional medicine systems including Chinese Medicine, Unani-Tibb, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine and others. It is equally beneficial in modern conventional medicine and can aid in deeper diagnostic insights in disciplines such as naturopathy, homeopathy etc as well.

Learn the tradition and art of pulse diagnosis from renowned author, lecturer and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr Feroz Osman-Latib. Dr Latib studied Chinese Medicine in Australia and China and has taught pulse diagnosis at several universities including the South Australian School of Natural Medicine and the University of Western Cape in South Africa.

He has compiled all his pulse diagnosis experience into this detailed 8 module course that will transfer this valuable skill to any interested practitioner of natural as well as conventional medicine.

The course can be started at any time and includes both theoretical components as well as intensive practical sessions scheduled throughout the year where Dr Latib will personally ensure that participants are correctly feeling and identifying pulse images. The content is not exclusive to Chinese pulse diagnosis but encompasses many different methodologies including ayurvedic, unani-tibb, 5 element systems etc. The skills learnt can be used by practitioners of any modality in order to make a better diagnosis and thereby administer a more effective therapy.

Course Objectives

  • Make accurate clinical diagnoses by incorporating pulse readings
  • Identify diseases processes using pulse images before they manifest in symptoms
  • Read gynecology, pediatric and other special pulse images
  • Integrate pulse findings into other diagnostic methods
  • Determine and apply advanced treatment plans directly from pulse findings
  • Match pulse images to herbal formulae and other therapies in order to enhance therapeutic effectiveness
This course is limited to a maximum of 20 participants per practical group, please register early to ensure a place in the next practical session.
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Module Descriptions

Theoretical Module - Online studyAny time
Module 1

Introduction to Pulse Diagnosis. History of Pulse Diagnosis. Clearing the confusion in pulse methodologies. Differences between pulse diagnosis systems. The 4 aspects of the pulse. What you need to focus on to master pulse diagnosis.

1 Day Practical ModuleSee City Dates
Module 2

This session focuses on feeling pulses and ensuring that all participants are palpating, describing and identifying pulses correctly. Thereafter we move on to the divisions of the radial artery pulse and the pulse position correspondences, thereafter the classic 28 pulses and the underlying mechanisms for each of them.

1 Day practical
Theoretical Module - Online study, workbooks and chartsPrereq
Module 3

Detailed module on pattern discrimination and disease identification from the Pulse. This module consists of online study and examinations and is a prerequisite before the next practical session.

Online, Home Study
1 Day Practical ModuleSee city dates
Module 4

This practical session ties together the information learnt so far in a practical session of diagnosis using the pulse images and integrating it with other diagnostic methods. The practical method of assessing pulses in clinic will be the focus. Every participant will be able to make a thorough pulse assessment and use this information with the appropriate priority in order to reach, confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Some difficult pulse images will also be discussed in detail.

1 Day Practical
Theoretical Module - Online study, workbooks and chartsPrereq
Module 5

This module will go further in depth in pulse diagnosis with a discussion on particular illnesses and how the pulse can appear and what this means. Material will include in-depth information on interpreting pulses in the clinic setting and also reading gynecology and other special area of interest pulses.

Online, Home study
1 Day Practical ModuleSee City Dates
Module 6

Feeling Gynecological and other unusual and special pulses. Feeling organ specific, special and unusual pulses, Feeling energetic pulses. Revision of 28 pulses and Energetic pulse systems. Ayurvedic, Unani and other traditional pulse systems will be explored practically. Spot diagnoses will be made using pulse, tongue and observation.

See City dates
Theoretical Module - Online study, workbooks and chartsOptional
Module 7

From pulse to point, Advanced Pulse Diagnosis 1

Online, Home study
1 Day Practical ModuleOptional
Module 8

Advanced Pulse Diagnosis 2, Exam

1 Day Practical

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